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In Aset Wellness Healing Jolande Meijer and Huub Schols have joined forces into a powerful cooperation. We are enthusiastic to let people experience to be touched: physically, energetically, verbally and non-verbally.
          This amounts to connection and balancedness : 
          Experience harmony within YOURSELF and with the universe
It is possible to live based upon rational principles; however, to live based upon your instincts, from your heart is much nicer. This will increase your happiness; experience this path, a new way of living.

Aset Wellness Healing in the Netherlands
At our office in Oostburg, Gustaaf Francies de Pauwstraat 1 (NL – 4501 JJ), we counsel, treat and train people using massage, healing, coaching and therapeutic sessions.
Furthermore, you may want to attend our workshops, e.g. the workshop Energy Balancing. In this workshop you get acquainted with yourself and the energy.

Vedic Art at Aset Wellness Healing
Instinctively, you know that you can do it. Nevertheless, it is hard to pinpoint your strength, your driving force. Vedic Art is a kind of intuitive painting. Vedic Art helps you to find YOUR way :
          What are my strengths ?   How can I express this ?   What do I really want ?   Who am I ?
We provide guidance through the workshops "Intuitive Painting" (1 day or 1 evening) and
"Vedic Art" (4 or 5 days, 2 weekends, or 8 evenings).

Vedic Art helps to recognize patterns, daily routines. In the process of recognizing them, you will find out whether you want to break through. We guide you how to break through. Vedic Art enables you to create your personal space.

Aset Wellness Healing abroad
Our workshops have been presented abroad in English. We have experience with giving presentations to groups, companies, organizations or festivals in Belgium, Canada, Curaçao, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Oman, the United Kingdom, USA and the Netherlands.

Aset Wellness Healing for companies, institutes and festivities
We offer workshops and Chair massage for companies, institutes, fairs, festivals and other activities. We usually present these workshops in Dutch and English. On request we can present these workshops at any suitable location ;  it is also possible to present the workshops in French or German.

Furthermore, in Schols Management & Consultancy we offer Project based Management, Coaching and Consultancy.

The English version of this website is still being developed. For now, most pages are available in
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